Thought of the Week

Daily Hadith Reminder: Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Salih Al –Uthaymin (Rahmullah) said : “We did not appear in this worldly life to live in it like grazing animals and merely eat, drink and sleep. Rather, we came to this dunya (the worldly life) in order to prepare provisions for the hereafter”

Assembly Focus: Understanding how to use the examples of the greats in Islam that were martyred in Muharram and how to use their life’s example as a way of improving ourselves.

Core Objectives and Values:

To provide the highest standard of academic and moral education.

To develop the Islamic personality of all students in order to produce confident and role model citizens.

To implement an open inclusive admissions policy avoiding sectarian and nationalistic discriminatory criteria.

To build bridges within Muslim communities, and between Muslim and non-muslim communities in an open conciliatory manner.


Head Teacher’s Welcome

We welcome you to Bolton Islamic Girls School (BIGS) for the year 2017 – 2018.

Bolton Islamic Girls School is an independent Muslim girl’s school which opened in 2012.

The aim of our school is to provide an environment where all pupils are guided and challenged to meet their full potential in a positive, caring, educational and Islamic learning environment. The basis of this is the Quran and Sunnah: this we set out to share with all our students, making it the inspiration of the daily life and work of the school. Central to this is the teaching of our Muslim faith which is provided for all.

We promise that they will be taught in an innovative and stimulating way within the limits of Islamic Teachings. We will endeavour to provide them with as many enriched experiences as we can. We will be aiming to turn your daughter into an ideal Muslim Girl; who is an enthusiastic learner about life as well as about Islam, who is an independent thinker and open to new ideas. We will be encouraging your daughter to be; responsible and follower of Islamic Ethos, self-confident and respectful towards others. As we all know children are always learning and therefore we will be encouraging close contact between the teachers and parents in order to enhance the continuity of learning. We have been pleased that in January 2017 ofsted recognised our efforts in ensuring that our aim is met.

Please remember us in your duas.

Fi Imaan-illah

Dr Zakia Maqbool

Mission Statement